We help you harness feedback from others to better manage your work.

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Serve your clients better insights with less hassle

For consultants and nonprofit managers

Benchmarks & Reports

Measure relationships over time as a meaningful proxy for hard-to-measure impact, in that NGO managers can change and adapt when communities and partners feel things aren't working.

Increase the value of your client offerings by incorporating benchmarks on performance from similar organizations.

RoboReports:Use our AI for statistical and report writing to automate the collect, analyze, and visualize steps in your data flow, yielding a high quality first draft from your data source.

Actionable insights & simpler workflows

Interoperability: Import/export data from any source, contrast with our baseline scores, and automate report writing and delivery to clients. Or co-design your surveys with clients using our interactive survey builders.

Workflows:If you use slack, gmail, and dropbox for your work, we can simplify your back end with tools to handle many of the boring administrative functions.

Use Keystone's technical support services to simplify your work.

Build your brand with accreditation

We offer training and endorsement to qualified consultants to improve your credentials.

Build communities of practice by aligning the ways people define and track performance.

For teams, NGO-networks, and foundations

Collaborate through your data

Capacity building is hard. Co-creation is painful. Measuring positive change can take more effort than the work itself. We found a better way to define and refine this. And it doesn't require endless conversations and agreements to get started - just your own ideas and a willingness to listen to the people you aim to serve.

How it works

Learn how to collect and manage from feedback, following a simple work-flow.

Get notified when you need to take the next action.

Build surveys that automagically align with questions used by others in your field.

Combine qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Community standards

Compare your responses with your peers.

Upload your legacy data and use it to refine community's standards.

Get advice and insights on your data from our team.

We help organizations listen and respond to those they seek to help, while gaining insight from other organizations doing similar work.

Learn & Grow

Take interactive tutorials and track your learning progress.

Learn about every step of a feedback loop, from planning your first survey to incorporating the results.

Build feedback into a continuous and iterative process using the Constituent Voice methodology.

Design & Collect

Build a survey from vetted questions, combined with your own.

Combine paper, online, and tablet collecting to get responses from all your constituent groups.

Import existing data and combine with new data as a measure of your performance.

Analyze & Report

Compare your responses with your peers.

Build reports using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Get help from our team.

Demo our process

No login required. See how easy it is to build, collect, and analyze responses.

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