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Learn and Grow

Nine in-depth tutorials help you learn about every step of a feedback loop: from planning your first survey, to incorporating the results.

Your dashboard keeps track of your learning progress, and you can always revisit tutorials anytime you need.

Build feedback into a continuous and iterative process using the Constituent Voice methodology.

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Manage Relationships with a Feedback Loop

Build a survey from vetted questions, combined with your own.

Reach all of your constituent groups with our email campaigns and direct online links, or print paper.

Check for responses in real time.

Get notified when you need to take the next action.

Explore the responses in depth using the Explore tool.

Compare your responses with your peers.

Get advice and insights on your data from our team.

Act on your results by engaging in the Follow up questions.

Follow Up and Course Correct

Once you have analysed your data, our tools and interactive tutorials will guide you through the essential steps of dialogue and course correction.


Maximize your measures of success by combining qualative and quantitive questions, and comparing. Filtering/segmentation is important understanding why you got the scores you did.


Combine online data discovery tools with linked reports and a structured data (API) in one model. Integrate this with your project management platforms.


Our technology, Robo-reports, reads results from our intereactive data Explore feature, and prints out an automated report. Simply auto generate reports about trends in your relationships.


We offer consulting and support services to help you make the most of your relationship management.

Keystone Performance Survey

  • The Keystone Performance Survey (KPS) is the leading tool to measure and improve cross-organisation performance and impact. Available in three versions, Complete, Basic, and Systems-only.

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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Survey

  • A confidential, independently operated survey that enables organisations to see repeated and systemic issues relating to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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Constituent Voice Learning System

  • CV enables development organisations of any size to collect and use feedback data from programme constituents to support learning, mutual accountability, and performance management.

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